Historic Stone Restoration and Repair

Honolulu Museum of Art:
ADA Ramps and Walkways

Ramp installation to match Existing Walkway

The ramps and walkways project for the Honolulu Museum of Art was actually a stone installation and restoration project. The objective was to restore and clean the various walkways at the historic mission-style museum and install ADA compliant ramps. 

Existing ramps, made of large concrete slabs, needed to be removed. Because of the demolition nature of the project, dust control was a concern for the museum. Our innovative techniques allowed our team to perform the necessary work without creating dust, allowing the museum to operate as usual without any interference from dust or other materials. 

Material to build the ramp was the stone that was recovered from beneath the concrete. Our team built the ramps from the salvaged stone at each entryway, maintaining the integrity of the original historic stone.

Highlights from the project include:

  • Dust Control
  • Concrete Slab Removal
  • Precision Stone Cutting
  • Expert Cleaning Defoliation
  • Anti-fracture Methods
  • Water Proofing
Honolulu Art Museum Lion Ramp

Lion Entrance Ramp

Concrete Slab Removal

The previous concrete slab ramp shown here was removed by our team.

Art Museum Lion Ramp Before

Pre-Restore Step Removal

After the concrete slab removal, scars to the original historic stone was revealed.

Art Museum Lion Ramp Old Outline

Asian Court Entry Ramp

Concrete Slab Removal

The previous concrete slab ramp shown here was removed by our team.

Completed Ramp Almost Invisible

After the ramp was completed using the original historic stone.

The Process

Cutting Concrete

Cutting Concrete: Wet System & Vacuum

5" Concrete Removed

Concrete and Anti-fracture

Waterproofing added

Cutting large slabs of coral

Thinning stone for precision fit

Thinning Stone

Negative Air Booth to Control Dust

Negative Air Booth to Control Dust

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